Babysitter Martini Bows Tricks Her Boss And Fucks

Peter is excited about his date. It was a while since he was the last time with a girl. That said, he calls his sexy Latina babysitter, Martini Bows, to take care of his kids. He knows he can rely on her and can stay out late.

When Peter is getting himself ready in the bathroom, his date, Stacy calls. He urges Martini to pick up the phone for him. Now that was not really the best idea.
As naughty as Martini is, she makes Stacy think she is Peter’s girlfriend and that she should never ever call him again.

Bad news for Peter. The date canceled and it makes him pissed as fuck. He bought all this fancy clothes for nothing. What now?!

Still, Martini Bows is there with him and to get him relaxed and chill, she offers him the extra services. What extra services are you talking about, asks Peter. They move to the couch and she finally gets her fantasy come true. Yes, Martini always dreamt about fucking her boss and taking his member deep inside her mouth. Although she tricked him, Martini is now ready to take care of him and help him forget about the Stacy.

She is the thing of the past now. Young Latina bitch, Martini is down on him offering Peter a satisfying blowjob. He does not know the truth but who even cares about the truth now. He has a gorgeous babysitter there with him, naked and ready to be pounded hard by his monster cock.

Martini Bows does everything to bring her boss Peter to a happy ending

When Peter eases his big schlong inside Martini’s fresh pink muffin, he forgets about everything. The filling of her pussy lips tightly wrapping around his meat feels so good he forgets about all the money he spent on clothing.

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