Kimmie Pays For The Ride With Hot Anal Fuck

Who would have thought that slutty Brittish brunette, Kimmie, is short of money? Why would she even take the taxi then? Well, you know that things always work out somehow. Even in this case. And especially if you have such amazing looks as this slut has. To be frank, it’s all in the looks. Girls, you sure are lucky. Not to mention, you save so much money, getting dudes pay you for drinks, dinners and just about everything.


When she hops into the cab, she quickly realizes that fake taxi driver will not drive her all the way to Bristol for free. That’s like 150 miles away! No way, Jose. However, as a pervert as he is, he comes up with a solution that works out for both of them just fine. She will not need to pay a dime and he will get filled with new energy.
“Take it all off bitch and let me fuck you!” or something like that came to his mind. She agrees to the deal, and the action is on. But first, he takes them to this special place he knows where no one will bother them.


Upon their arrival, cab driver joins Kimmie in the back and licks her pussy with his soft and moist tongue. She never knew she will do it in a taxi! The idea behind the fuck makes her aroused at an instant. Before she knows it, she is down for the hot romp. In the asshole. That’s correct. Since the drive will be long, she goes all in and lets him fuck her anally.
Before they proceed, brunette whore goes on her knees and tosses his salad. Nope, I did not come up with that on my own. It’s all documented in the video above. You will going to love it!

Brunette slut Kimmie opens her asshole to pay for the ride

From pussy licking and her eating his ass out, they finally get to penetration. He inserts his large schlong inside her tight butthole and bangs her hard from behind. Where will the cum go?

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