Mia Ryder Hasn’t Seen A Dick That Big In Her Life

In shock when she sees her husband’s huge dick, teen babysitter, Mia Ryder, instantly gets intrigued by it. It turns out, she has never in her life seen a cock of that size. Normally she deals with penises half the size of his.

That said, when Mia shows her interested in touching his member, Hope Harper quickly gets things sorted. Hope is down to do a little favor for her and gets her hubby. Guess what? He is in a shock too when he finds out he needs to release the best and let their babysitter touch it. But if the wife is OK with is, hubby is OK with it, too. As a matter of fact, he gets excited right away.
Young and adorable blonde teen is about to suck his cock, of course he will get aroused immediately, you silly.

Young teen Mia Ryder would do anything to suck her hubby’s monster cock

There she has them both Mia and Hope, ready to open their mouth wide for a blowjob session. Thanks to the POV view, you get a chance to enjoy them putting their oral skills to use just as well. Especially young Mia’s. Still, it is experienced brunette MILF, Harper, who shows her first how Thing needs to be pleased. By opening her mouth, she works his enormous cock inside her oral cavity and starts coating it with a nice layer of saliva. While she teaches Mia a lesson, Hope also gets her hubby rock solid and ready for that young mouth. Will it even fit?


Though she has never wrapped her soft lips around a fat phallus, we can say she is a natural. I guess when you master a dick once, no matter the size, you then master them all. Good girl, young Mia Ryder!
You see, they might look innocent girls next door, however, give them a dick and they will transform into insatiable naughty little creatures.

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